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Our Mission


"The Mission of MI Robotics is to promote student learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, business, marketing, and media through hands-on team projects and collaboration with adult mentors who have industry experience."

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About Us

The Mercer Island Robotics Team is an FRC team that competes competitively with other teams across the globe. While providing engineering, business, and marketing knowledge to its members, We  also aim to inspire collaboration between peers on projects and establish meaningful connections throughout. We not only build robots, but also build connections when we put our collective minds together to create a safe work environment welcome to all people.


Meet the subgroups


In the Mechanical subgroup, we deal with the process of physically assembling the robot. We use power tools and large machinery to build the robot piece by piece.  Most of the skills learned in the Mechanical subgroup are practical for majoring in engineering. We learn how to safely use power tools, shop tools, and manipulate metal. We also install gearboxes, chains, and many other parts on the robot.


In the programming subgroup, we write the code that controls the robot, modify it to fit any new adjustments made to the body of the robot, and accept input from the systems that govern the robot's function. We are split into two groups: 

  • The senior programming group is learning how to program and control the various parts of the robot in preparation for competition season.

  • The junior programming group is learning Java whilst integrating into the robot's proprietary code framework


In the Systems subgroup, we work with electronics to control and operate the robot, including controlling motors and pneumatics. We deal with the process of wiring the robot to deliver power to the various components. You will learn how to build a robot control system, how the brain of a robot works, and how to work with electricity to power and use different control systems.


The CAD subgroup designs and assembles the robot virtually within a Computer-Aided Design program called Onshape. We learn to use Onshape to design and assemble parts and mechanisms for the mechanical subgroup to build. Most of the work is done early in the build season so that CAD subgroup members can work within another subgroup after the robot design is done, while revising the design as necessary.


The Marketing subgroup’s job is to increase engagement with the student body at school. We practise collaborating with our peers while pursuing a variety of projects. The projects range from designing t-shirts, designing buttons, creating SWAG merch, and managing our online presence through social media. You will learn how to not only express your creativity, but also work methodically alongside the team.


The Business subgroup is the backbone of our robotics team. We design products, fundraising, and spirit wear for the team to use and show off in competitions. We set up drives for items to support our community, and to raise awareness for not only our team, but the people in need as well. We will learn how to support our team by training your creativity and spirit. You will learn how to manage social media to spread our team to the internet. We learn leadership skills and elevate the team.


Our Sponsors

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